MTG Muddstah – Jodah vs Zada vs Vial Smasher | Thrasios vs Slimefoot EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Praetor Magic – MagicOnline Commander League, Season 2, Episode 8 – Anything Goes!

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Commander Cookout Ep101 – Zada, Now Stormier

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast. This week on CCOPodcast, the boys take a look at a very special deck. Ryan’s cEDH Zada, Hedron Grinder deck. Peep the list here: If you’d like to tell us how we did, join the discussion on Twitter @CCOPodcast or @CCOBrando. You […]

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Lore Seeker – A Perfect Storm

Break out your spellbooks and component pouches! We’re building around Adeliz, the Cinder Wind.

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Legendary Creature Podcast – Feldon v. Kambal v. Zada v. Alesha

Welcome to episode four of Legendary Creature-Games! This week we’ve got too much red at the table. Kambal wonders about his life choices, while Feldon, Zada and Alesha get into a red deck measuring contest. Can one of these commanders race out in front and survive the fire at the table? Be sure to check […]

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Commander VS S13E9 – Gwendlyn vs Ashling vs Selvala vs Zada

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EDHRECast Ep20 – Uncommonders! ft. DM Cross

This week the EDHRECast talks to DM Cross about uncommonders, those commanders printed outside the mythic and rare slot that can still be viable if not uncommonly (ahem) good atop a deck. Check out DM’s Uncommonders series here! Contact us at Follow @EDHRECast on Twitter! * * * * * * * * * * * […]

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Uncommonders — Zada, Grinder of Hedrons

Well, hello again, friends! My name is Seth Cross and welcome to my second installment of Uncommonders, a series inspired by the (now fully revealed) 20 Uncommon Legendary Creatures of Dominaria. In my first article, we covered how uncommon commanders are nothing new to Magic: the Gathering, since the first 20 uncommon “Summon Legend” cards […]

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Lab Maniacs – S2 Episode 8: All Legal Commanders Gain Partner EDH

As the last episode of Season 2, we have another special thought experiment. We have added a rule to this game stating that any legal commander now has “Partner” which means “You can have two commanders if both have Partner.” Intro & Deck Explainations – 0:45 Opening Hands – 4:45 Start of the Game – […]

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MTG Muddstah — Zada vs Lyzolda vs Ezuri vs Thraios/Vial Smasher

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